Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside...

The Colorado weather recently has made the big move to California A LOT easier to deal with. We've been dealing with temperatures dipping down to -15 while Southern California has been sunny and in the 70's. Jack and I have been huddled up in the apartment with space heaters trying to keep warm since the heater in our apartment is not really equipped for such frigid temperatures. I've tried to get Jack out for some fresh air as much as possible when the temperatures aren't too bad. One night I bundled him up and took him when I took Izzy outside to go to the bathroom. I have an amazing ability to get to the point where I have to go shopping on the worst weather days. On one of the worst snow days that we had here, I had no choice but to go to the grocery store since we had absolutely nothing to eat at the apartment. Poor Jack had to deal with the weather, and he looked less than amused while we were at Whole Foods.
We also went to Target with my friend Emily and her baby to get coffee and do some shopping. Jack was all smiles walking around the store in his cute little bear jacket.

As we get ready to leave Colorado I've been trying to put Jack in all of his cute winter clothes and get the most possible use out of them before we move to a warmer climate. One of the things that we got as a gift from my parents is a snowsuit. Unless a crazy weather shift happens in California, we are not really going to be needing it. We had a few sizable snows, so I took the opportunity to get Jack out to make his first snow angel.
Jonathan got back from work this past Tuesday. We went out to dinner with some friends on Wednesday evening, and Jonathan got food poisoning :(. He got to the point where he felt like he had to go to Urgent Care early in the morning. I got Jack bundled up and we took Jonathan to the doctor. I didn't want to take Jack in around sick people, so we hung out in the car. I stare at this picture multiple times a day, and it's the background on my phone now. Too cute!

Jonathan is driving a moving truck with my car hitched to the back, and he plans to leave Monday morning while Jack and I fly out on Tuesday afternoon. We decided that it would be easier for Jack and me to fly rather than participate in the caravan since Jack's eating schedule would majorly slow us down. The drive is about 18 hours, and we would have to stop every 3 hours for about 30 minutes to feed and change him. It would take FOREVER to get there with that kind of a schedule! We also didn't want to torture the poor little guy in a car seat for that long and sleeping in random hotels. I feel a little guilty Jonathan has to make the long drive while I get to fly, but it'll be the least disruptive to Jack's daily schedule.

Well, the next blog update will be from our new home in sunny California!