Tuesday, June 12, 2012

18-week Ultrasound

We had our anatomy screening ultrasound on June 7th when I was 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant.  We did it a little bit earlier than they would have liked, but Jonathan was leaving for military training and would not be able to go with me any other day during the time period they gave me.  Jack was with us making it less than relaxing, but it was a fun family event :).

Here is a pretty obvious picture...the foot:

And the sweet profile:

We also found out that we are having another BOY!  So, we are very excited for them to be future buddies.  I am also looking forward to bunk beds in the future as well as the fact that we will get to use hand-me-downs instead of buying a full new wardrobe!!

During the ultrasound, he was very squirmy with his arms going up over his head, kicking, and bouncing around.  I could also feel some kicks at the same time as they happened on the screen...that's always fun!  The ultrasound tech was having to hold on for him to slow down or turn around to take pictures, and he commented on how active he was.  Simultaneously, Jack was running around squeezing a bottle of ultrasound gel out of the tube and slamming cabinet doors.  We are going to have a very active household in the near future :).

The ultrasound tech estimated him to weigh 8 oz., and he was measuring at exactly 18 weeks.  His heart rate was 148.

Just a quick update, but thanks for keeping up with us.