Sunday, March 30, 2014

Special Announcement

I mentioned in my last post that we had some family photos taken by a friend of mine.  Those photos help us make our special announcement!

How far along: 14 weeks, 5 days
Sleep: Sleeping fine.  I was pretty tired most of the first trimester, and I always feel exhausted around 3:30pm like clockwork every day.
Best moment of the week: No extremely memorable pregnancy moments besides having to scale over a waist height fence this week without my usual agility :).
Movement: I had a few moments this past week where I was questioning if I felt something, but I'm not sure I've definitively felt movement yet.
Cravings: I've been craving BLT sandwiches the entire first trimester…random.
Gender: Not sure yet.
Labor Signs: None.
What I miss: Coffee.  I just had my first cup of half caff coffee the other day to help a headache as my doctor suggested.
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out gender.  Jonathan and I really don't have a preference, but Jack says: "a girl, because I like girls."  I'm also looking forward to moving out of the phase where you just look pudgy to actually looking pregnant :).

Friday, March 28, 2014

15-Month Update and Our CA Winter

I'm a little late on this update, but Owen turned 15-months old on 2/20/14.  We went for his wellness visit about a week before the 16-month mark on 3/13/14.  Here is our handsome little man waiting for the doctor:
Weight: 22 lbs., 8 oz. 
Height: 31.75 inches
Head: Can't remember what they said

His past 2 appointments he has jumped above his initial growth curve, so he's growing even more than was expected, but he's still a lean guy in the 25th percentile.  His height is 50th percentile, and his head is still the 75th percentile. 

Owen is developing so quickly, and he's picking up new words all the time.  I would guess he says about 20 words, some of which include: bounce, stuck, car, ball, dog, Jack, sock, water, cracker, bike, car, book, uh-huh, no, ma (mama), da (da da), park, show….  the doctor said he was surprised he was talking so much since many second children don't use words as quickly since their older sibling will speak for them.  Owen is a bit of a vicious little guy who knows how to hold his own against Jack.  He's a biter and a hitter, but he usually just thinks it's a game instead of being mean.  He is a serious danger ranger, and he would walk right off the top of the stair case if you gave him the chance.  One of the things he likes to do is stand on the couch and fall straight backwards.  He also likes to bounce in his crib.  He is a serious bath/shower lover, and has absolutely zero fear of water.  If his face goes under water it doesn't even phase him.  He runs straight for the ocean and would jump straight into the pool if given the chance.

Jack was never big on getting wet and really still isn't, but Owen LOVES walking straight into the water pads.  I learned my lesson the first time we were at the mall, and I now bring extra clothes for him when I know we may be near one.  

We have spent a lot of time outdoors, because if we stay in the house it gets a little bit rowdy.  They are definitively at their happiest when outside, so we are thankful for the beautiful southern CA weather.
One of their favorite activities right now is riding bikes.  Jack has his balance bike, and I push Owen on his Kettler trike.
 They also love digging in the sand and collecting nuts and rocks at the park in their buckets.
 Both boys are little monkeys.

One of the great things about our house is that it is right next to some great trails.  We've done some nice hikes/walks.  Jack passed out during this one:
One of the greatest things about this winter has been spending time with my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) table and their kids.  We've done beach outings, park play dates, Chick-fil-a lunches, etc. together, and it has been so fun.  Jack is an extremely social kid, and he has had a great time spending time with friends.

This picture is some of the group at Balboa Pier park.  Poor Jack was running next to the play set and stepped on a fish hook :(.  Besides that set back, it was such a great day!
Jack and I went to a Mother/Son date 'knight' (Medieval Knight themed) hosted by Chick-fil-a.  I didn't get any pictures from that, but one of the gifts they gave in their gift bag to the kids was a kite.  Jack had a great time flying a kite with Jonathan for the first time.
This next picture is just because they are both so cute.  A while back the boys got haircuts from one of my friends from MOPS.  It was Owen's second haircut, and Jack's first haircut where he didn't freak out (the sucker definitely helped).  Owen sat on his own for a few minutes, but he sat on my lap for most of it.
Finally, Jack had a dental appointment about a month ago, and he actually let them clean his teeth for the first time.  He did so great, and he really got into the concept of getting the 'sugar bugs.'  He still talks about sugar bugs each night when we brush his teeth.
I'll be posting another blog soon with some family pictures that we had taken by a friend of mine here.  I haven't seen them yet, but we should have them soon!