Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Making Our Own Fun

This late spring we've spent a lot of time indoors either due to the rain or how hot it has been.  None of the kids are huge fans of being really hot, and they all look so flushed when we're outside for too long.  Both boys have had a lot of fun designing things with a set of shape pieces.  Owen made the arrow below all by himself, and Jack gets really creative with the things he makes.  He makes flowers, dogs, robots, etc.  The only downside is the insane amount of pieces all over the floor that have to be cleaned up.
Both boys have a lot of fun dressing up and pretending.  I love Owen's cowboy boots while building magna tiles.  Listening to them pretend and make up stories together is a highlight of my days.  A lot of their pretend story lines include running from tornadoes, so I think spring in Oklahoma has made it's mark on them :).  Another big one is running from hot lava.  Very adventurous!
They both really enjoy legos as well.  Jack has gotten really good at building things based on the plans they include in the sets.  They have also really enjoyed drawing pictures and doing crafts.
We made paper plate faces last week, and they had so much fun with the paint and googly eyes.  Jack said he wanted to make a chicken, but by the time he started painting and putting eyes on it he changed it into what he called a silly monster.  Owen started out wanting to make a pig, but I told him it looked more like a peacock.  He walked around with it saying "my peacock" for the rest of the day…so cute.

When we do get outside, the boys like riding their scooters around our neighborhood lake.  There are a lot of ducks, geese, and turtles to look at.  
We also spend a lot of time playing on our driveway.  The boys ride bikes and scooters, and I got the water table out one day when it was hot.  We have a splash pad in our neighborhood, and the boys have a great time running around in the water.  Neither of them will get under the buckets that dump water on you.
We also celebrated National Donut Day, and they were huge fans of this 'holiday.'
I took the boys to get their hair cut a couple weeks ago, and Owen loved sitting on the motorcycle.  He was so good and actually sat still the whole time pretending to ride it.  Jack was less thrilled about it, but he tolerated it.
I got some rare alone time with Owen recently when the other two were napping.  It's pretty rare that Jack actually falls asleep, but he did that particular day.
This picture pretty much reflects how Owen is recently.  He has a lot of 'intense emotions,' and he spends a lot of his time taking a stand or telling us what he's not going to do.  He's laying across his scooter refusing to get up and not wanting me to touch him, because he fell on his butt off his scooter (not a bad fall at all).
We went grocery shopping while Jack was at school a few weeks ago, and Mary had her first chance to ride in the cart instead of the carrier.  I also let Owen use the kids cart, which I generally can't do when it's all three kids.  He did a great job following directions and not hitting people in the ankles. 
These are just two pictures of the whole crew out and about.  The bottom picture is in line at Target.  Owen was laying down in the front of the cart, and Mary was in a pike position trying to reach the wallet in my hand.  
This past Friday Jack had his first ever trip to the ER.  He fell wrong off of a low rope swing and had a concussion from hitting the back of his head on the ground.  On the plus side, he got a popsicle out of it at the hospital!
It was our 6-year anniversary on May 24th.  My parents just happened to be in town, so we got our first date night in 10 months!!  Our last time out alone was a month before Mary was born, so it had been a while.  
We finally found a babysitter here in Tulsa this week!  It is our neighbor's granddaughter, and the boys liked her a lot so we're looking forward to more quiet nights out in the future.

Mary's 9-Month Update

I'm getting to the 9-month update a little bit late since I wanted to wait until her 9-month wellness visit, which we just had yesterday.  Here is Mary's 9-month photo on the 5th:
Mary's stats are:
Weight- 14 lbs. 8.5 oz (3rd percentile)
Height- 26.7 inches (20th percentile)
Head- 44.7 cm/17.5 inches (68th percentile)

She actually lost 14 oz. since her 6-month appointment, and she grew less than half an inch.  We have to go in next week to re-weigh her after doing some things nutritionally to hopefully get her to gain some weight.  If she hasn't gained any weight then we'll have to do some blood work to check her thyroid function.    

As far as what she's up to these days, she has taken a little bit more of an interest in getting mobile.  Up until about 3 weeks ago, she didn't seem to care at all about getting around.  She's just a hang out sitting in one spot and play kind of girl.  I set her up with some toys, and she'll just sit there moving through different ones putting them in her mouth and looking at them.  As is Nichols baby tradition, our kids like to start off with the commando crawl.  Mary will push herself in circles and backwards, but she hasn't moved forward yet.  She hangs out on her belly, and when she's tired she either rolls onto her back our lays her head down on the floor and sucks her thumb until she gets picked up.  She's a totally different temperament than either of the boys.  Jack was climbing staircases and Owen was crawling out our back patio door at this point.  If Mary was our first born, she and I would snuggle in bed all day and take a lot of naps.  That's just what she likes!
Here are some of the cute pictures taken this month of her happy little face.
Mary is a huge fan of selfies, because she likes seeing herself in the camera.  She also loves the mirror.  Whenever we're about to enter a room with a mirror she sticks her head out as far as she can to see the mirror before we even get into the room.  She always waves her arms and kicks her legs when she sees herself.
Mary has pretty much started to clap.  She swings her arms together trying to clap, and her hands connect sometimes.  She's getting the basics down of it.  She has also started to pull up when I hold my hands out for her.  She laughs so hard when she stands up all proud of herself.  I let her pull up in her crib one morning, and she ended up tipping over and hitting the bottom of her chin on the bar and biting her tongue.  I felt bad for her, so I just let her practice her skill holding on to my hands for now.  She is still sleeping 11.5 to 12 hours straight at night.  She can eat double her body weight in avocado/guacamole, and she also loves eggs.  She's a weirdo who does not like watermelon :).

She's pretty much just my little buddy baby.  She would be happy if I just held her and walked around with her all day long.