Friday, July 11, 2014

These Boys are Busy

I'm way overdue in posting, and a lot has happened in the 8 weeks since my last post!  Jonathan and I celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary on May 24th.  We were able to get a babysitter so we could go out for dinner and dessert.  Earlier in the day we made our first soon to be family of 5 major purchase…our new minivan!  Now we join the minivan fleet that drives around Irvine :)
The summer has been filled with a lot of time outdoors.  These two are like caged animals clawing at the front gate if you don't run them around a park or engage them in some sort of high energy activity.
There has been a lot of time spent with sidewalk chalk.  It's pretty much their activity of choice, and they carry their bucket of chalk with them anytime we go outside just in case the desire to draw a shape or line strikes.  There is chalk evidence of them all over our neighborhood.  Here is a self-portrait Jack drew one day that I thought was so cute:
When we're not outside they enjoy drawing in the house as well.  We've come to realize that we're probably going to need to find Jack an art class soon.  He's extremely interested in drawing.  He can draw all sorts of faces/emotions, people, most of the alphabet, and all of his numbers.  He'll look up at a tree or something else in his view and try to draw it on the sidewalk.  The other day someone had thrown a dog poop bag in a tree so Jack drew the tree with a dog poop bag hanging in the branches.
Jack also enjoys reading stories to Owen and showing him pictures in books.

Both boys are little foodies, and they basically eat continuously throughout the majority of the day.  We used our Zoku to make orange creamsicle popsicles the other day, and both boys (Owen in particular) are obsessed with Pirates Booty.
Father's Day has also come and gone since my last post.  I made sure to grab Jack before he entered our room to wake Jonathan up and got Owen out of his room immediately so that Jonathan could sleep in.  We used our chalk skills to make him this little picture that I texted to his phone to wake up to:
My mom came out to visit for a week in mid-June, and we had a lot of fun with her.  Both boys love having her around, and they love being able to go to the park with her instead of running errands with me throughout the week :).  We had a fun trip to the zoo where the boys got to feed goats, we rode the train that tours the zoo, and the boys rode the carousel.
We also spent a good portion of one afternoon following the garbage trucks from street to street.  
Owen had his 18-month appointment on June 19th (which is a month late), so he was actually a day away from being 19-months.  Since my mom was in town I got to take him to the doctor alone.  It's fun having the rare chance to be alone with Owen, because he's just much more relaxed and not always in competition mode from fighting over things with Jack.  He loved the individual attention and being able to play freely with whatever he wanted.  Owen's stats were:

Weight: 25 lbs.
Height: 33 inches
Head: 50.5 cm/19.88 inches

Each time we go he jumps up to another growth curve, so all of his eating is paying off!  His food intake is sometimes shocking for such a small person, and he's really willing to eat just about anything.  For the past 2 weeks he's been on a bit of a rare for him hunger strike, particularly when it comes to eating meat, but I'm sure it's just a short phase.  I think he might be getting his second molars since he chews on his fingers quite a bit recently.

Here's a picture of Owen at his appointment.  We also had a short breakfast date together after the appointment.
Auntie Amy came to visit over the 4th of July weekend.  We had some great outings with the boys and got a lot of vitamin D.  We spent one day at the Newport Beach Back Bay swimming and playing in the sand.  I spent most of my time under the umbrella 'supervising,' but everyone else got a chance with the paddle board.  We also went to see a fireworks show in our previous neighborhood.  Owen kept saying "wow!" over and over.  Jack was all smiles, jumping around during the show.  
Here's me on the 4th of July at 28 weeks, 3 days:
We've also made two kid museum trips in the past two weeks.  The top two pictures are at Pretend City.  It's a museum that is like a mini town where you can go to the grocery store, doctor, dentist, gas station, fire station, a farm, the beach, etc.  The boys had a great time building with Jonathan and playing at the Marina water tables.  They also loved the little pretend farm area where you can plow the soil and pick fake apples from a tree and put them in a wheel barrel.  Today we went to a new indoor playground that recently opened called We Play Loud.  They had obstacle courses, ball pits, little mechanical rides, etc.  It was nearly impossible and a bit of a tantrum moment for Jack getting them to leave both places.  They are little explorers and players.

I just had to share these last pictures, because Jack is quite a stylish little guy.  He is an accessory lover, particularly hats, and he cracks me up with what he chooses to wear sometimes.
Last, but not least, I'll do a little pregnancy survey to round out this post.  I've been terrible about pregnancy updates, and I want our little girl to be able to read about my time with her in the belly.

How far along: 29 weeks, 3 days
Sleep:  I sleep great still.  I wake up to flip from side to side throughout the night but nothing to complain about really.
Best Moment:  Jack likes to put his ear up to my stomach and listen to her.  She kicked him in the ear yesterday, and he thought it was hilarious.  I've gotten quite a few chances for him to feel her move around and watch my stomach twitch.  Also, Jack has been saying for a few months now that he is pregnant as well.  According to him he's pregnant with a boy.  The other day we were just walking along and he said, "ooh, the baby kick me and it tickle!!" while holding onto his stomach lol.
Movement:  She is quite the mover, and I love watching my stomach move around while I'm sitting on the couch.  She's already up in my rib cage kicking some bone, and she's extremely active at night.  She pretty much moves all day long.
Cravings: Nothing in particular.  I'm just loving watermelon season!
What I Miss:  Mostly just deli meat.  I'm a sandwich lover, and I don't like to eat microwaved deli meat like the tell you you're supposed to do.
What I'm looking forward to:  The girls from my book club are throwing me a baby shower on July 27th, so I'm pretty excited about celebrating our baby girl and getting some cute girl stuff!