Friday, April 26, 2013

5-Month Update and Brotherly Love

Owen turned 5-months old this month, and the time continues to fly by.  His 5-month picture is a little bit dark, because I forgot to take it until close to bed time.  The lighting wasn't great...  He also kept trying to get on top of the elephant and bite his face :).
Owen is a little roly poly!  I'll leave the room and come back seconds later to find him on the other side of it.  He would have rolled under the couch the other day if he could have fit.  He LOVES his activity bouncer.  He has been in it over an hour at a time completely content just bouncing and bouncing.  Jack never really liked the bouncer very much at this same age, so it's nice to finally feel like it was a worthwhile purchase.  Owen still can't sit up on his own very well.  He can hold himself up with his hands touching the ground like a tripod or sit up unassisted for a few seconds, but he still tips over.  He pushes up and locks his elbows.  He also pushes up onto his knees while his face is still plastered to the ground.  He just needs to link the two together, but he is definitely starting to put the skills together to crawl in the next few months.  His sleep is still pretty inconsistent, but he averages about 2-3 wake ups a night still.  We've had bad nights with 5 wake ups and good nights with 1 wake up, but those are still rare.  He can put himself to sleep for naps, which is nice.  I'll put him down for a nap wide awake, he cries/grumbles for about a minute, and falls asleep on his own.  I think that covers most of the current developmental stuff!   

We have not introduced solids officially, but Owen liked gnawing on this carrot while I was making dinner one day.    
I have mashed a little banana between my fingers and let him taste it.  He kept pulling my finger back into his mouth to have another taste.  He makes a little bit of a shocked face, but he seemed to like it.  We'll officially start solids at the 6-month mark, but it's fun to let him have small tastes of baby-friendly foods. 

This picture makes me smile, because he's just so cute in the little duck outfit.  He liked grabbing at the ducks on his feet.
Jack and Owen are continuing to strengthen their brotherly bond.  Jack always says Owen is cute, and when Owen cries he'll tell me "Owen sad."  Jack helps to grab a diaper for me during Owen's diaper changes sometimes, and he likes to lay in bed with Owen after Owen wakes up from his nap occasionally.  Jack has always been a very affectionate child, and he loves to give his little brother hugs and laugh with him.  Owen thinks Jack is hilarious, and some of Owen's biggest giggles come from watching Jack do his 'silly dance.'
The picture on the right in the collage below is at Walmart with Jack in the cart and Owen in the Baby Bjorn.  They laugh at each other throughout shopping trips.
We bought matching kids chairs for Jack and Owen recently, and this is them try them out for the first time.  This is one of my favorite pictures.
That about covers it, and I can't believe next month we will have a 6-month old and 2.5 year old!