Thursday, May 31, 2012

18 Month Update and Much More

It's been over 3 months since my last blog post, so I figure it's about time to do some catching up.  So much has happened, and Jack has developed so much that I'll do the best I can to sum it all up.

About 3 months ago, Jonathan's friend Chris was nice enough to buy Jack a train set since Jack was addicted to playing with a train set at a local toy store that we go to once in a while.  He would throw a tantrum every time we made him leave the store, so Chris decided to buy Jack his own.  Jonathan spent about 3-4 hours, if I remember correctly, in the garage putting it together so Jack could be surprised with it when he woke up the next morning.
It was a huge hit, and Jack had a great time with it.  More recently, however, he started trying to take it apart and liked to climb on top of the train table more often.  The picture below is the first morning that he had it.  The train set is still inside our house, but we removed most of the tracks to give it a little break.  We're going to reintroduce it in a few weeks thinking it might be more exciting after taking a break from it.
Jack has become quite the little helper around the house.  Sometimes his "helping" is a little counterproductive for us, but it's fun to see him wanting to help with things.  He enjoys watering the plants with Jonathan once Jonathan gets home from work in the evenings.
He also likes to help me carry groceries in from the car.  I need to get a picture of this just for my own memory, because it is so cute.  I'll usually give him either the lightest bag or a light item if all of the bags are pretty heavy.  Yesterday he carried his bag of chicken nuggets in from the car for me.  He is also very good at throwing his trash away just in the past few days.  He'll throw away his empty fruit/veggie packs. On a walk yesterday, he picked up a Gatorade bottle, brought it home, and he threw it in the trash :). 

We recently signed up for Gymboree classes, and Jack is loving it!  It's a good way for him to get his energy out and socialize with other kids his age.  He's in the 16-22 month class, so everyone is basically on the same skill level.  It's also a great way to do something park-like without having to stand in the sun.
They do different activities that teach various skills such as Stop and Go and On and Off.  They use the equipment, play, and music to learn.  Jack started off as a careful observer, and now he is getting into the activities a little more.
Jack went to his first baseball game recently.  Jonathan won tickets to an Anaheim Angels game, so we decided it would be a good time to go.  Of the two hours we were there, Jack spent all of about 20 minutes in his seat.  We got one picture of him sitting nicely looking less than amused haha.
The rest of the time was spent running around concessions and out in a grassy area that had a stage nearby.

One of Jack's favorite pastimes is bike rides.  Sometimes after work and on the weekends, Jonathan will take Jack out on a bike ride in his trailer.  Jack likes to listen to music on Jonathan's iphone, eat snacks, and take in the scenery.
Jack also really likes the carousel.  There is a place here called the Orange County Great Park that has a free carousel and a little park for kids.  We went over the weekend just to get out of the house, and Jack got to ride on the carousel with only minor assistance.
He started off clinging on for dear life with his arms wrapped around the pole, but he got comfortable with it really quickly.  In the past, one of us has stood next to him, but we both rode separate horses next to him this time.

About 2 weeks ago Jack went for his 18-month check-up.  I forgot to grab the exact stats from the doctor, but I do know Jack was just over 24 lbs.  I'll have to get those from the doctor the next time we're there and include it in his 2-year update for comparison.  Overall, he was in the 25th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for height, and 75th percentile for head circumference.  I remember that, because it was just funny that his head is so much bigger in the percentiles than everything else.

As far as some of the other things going on with our family lately, we put it out to the Facebook world on Mother's Day that we are expecting baby number 2.  In the picture we posted I was 14 weeks, 2 days pregnant:
I started showing quite a bit earlier this time than with Jack, and I continue to look farther along than I did when pregnant with Jack.  My due date is November 9, which is funny since my due date with Jack was November 10.  We have our ultrasound next Thursday, June 7th to hopefully find out if it is a boy or a girl.  That will probably end up being my next blog post!  Around the 16 week mark I started to feel the first little movements, which is definitely fun.  I will be 17 weeks tomorrow!

Jonathan and I also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on May 24th.  We just went out for dinner at a casual Italian restaurant 5 minutes from home and brought along our little third wheel :).  I wouldn't have it any other way since for us I feel like anniversaries are more of a time to reflect on the life we have created together (which includes Jack) rather than for romance.

Here's our crazy little man enjoying himself at dinner.  Waiting for our food he pretty much just ran around and climbed chairs.  We chose to sit outside since no one else was sitting out there.
I just wanted to include this last picture, because I thought it was so sweet.  Jack and I went out to lunch today with my friend Jen and her daughter Catherine who is 15 months old.  They were so sweet playing together, and they would stop and "talk" to each other once in a while.
 I think that hits most of the major points in the past 3 months.  Until next time...