Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First OK Halloween!

Halloween is definitely Jack's favorite holiday, so there was a lot of excitement leading up to the big day.  While my parents were in town Jack and my mom painted a pumpkin and put spider stickers on it.  We hung fake spider webs and spiders around the house, and Jack had bat stickers in his window for the entire month of October. 

We went to a pumpkin patch a week or two before Halloween, and the boys picked out some pumpkins that we could carve.  We did a smiley face, a bat, and a bad minion from Despicable Me 2 since the boys love that movie:
 Owen was into pumpkin carving more than Jack was.  He had the best time helping:
Halloween day they wore their Halloween outfits.  Jack also had an orange jack-o-lantern shirt and Owen had a shirt that said "Fang-tastic" that they wore the day before.
Halloween night was pretty cold, which is much different than our past 3 Halloweens in California.  We got the firefighter, minion, and black cat all bundled up and headed out to trick-or-treat.
Jack was super shy this year and wouldn't say trick-or-treat to anyone.  He wanted Jonathan or me to go up to each door with him.  Owen had a blast collecting candy from each house.  They both carried little pumpkin lights to be easily seen walking through the dark neighborhood.  
When we got home each boy got a piece of candy and the treat I made for them.  I made each of them a dirt and worms pudding cup in their monster bowls.
It was a fun night, and we're happy to still be in the little years where you only have to go trick or treating for 30 minutes and can easily hide their candy from them :).

Mary's 2-Month Update

Mary had her 2-month wellness visit about a week and a half early on October 28th.  I got a few recommendations for pediatricians from my new MOPS group, and I just picked the one closest to our house.  When we showed up I was a little bit thrown off by the office, because it was very small town looking :).  It was just an office made out of an old house.  
You can see what wonderful 'helpers' I had at the doctor visit…haha.  Due to the chaos Jack and Owen created in the appointment I didn't get a picture of Mary during her visit, but the picture above is her right before we left the house.

2-Month Stats:
Weight- 10 lbs., 3 oz. (45th percentile)
Height- 22 inches (50th percentile)

I don't think she was feeling very well after her shots, because she spent most of the afternoon crying.  This is how I got a few things done and dinner made that night:
Here is her picture on her actual 2-month birthday (November 5th) coincidentally wearing the same onesie as from her doctor appointment:
It was hard to narrow down recent pictures of her, because she's just so adorable!  Girl clothes are definitely really fun, so I included pictures in some of her cute little outfits.
As of 2-months:

  • Mary usually goes to bed for the night at 10 pm.  Her first wake-up is usually between 3:45 and 6 am. I would say she most often wakes up between 4-5am.  After that initial streak, she'll sleep another 4-5 hours.
  • She still sleeps the majority of the day, but a more predictable pattern is starting to develop.
  • She's a great eater, and she follows a very predictable and manageable nursing schedule during the day.
  • She holds her head up pretty well for short periods of time when you hold her over your shoulder.
  • She doesn't get very much time on her play mat since her brothers cannot leave her alone on it.  They always lay next to her, swat at the toys, and are kind of dangerous jumping around her.
  • She smiles at Jack sometimes when he tries to entertain her, and she clenches her fists and always looks a little nervous when Owen gets close since he's not the greatest at being gentle.  His intentions are good, but he's just a bit rough still.
  • She's started being much more interested in watching what Jack and Owen are doing during the times she is awake.
  • When she's awake during the day she pretty much demands being held on your lap facing you while you talk to her.  She loves the undivided attention during the boys' naps and after they go to bed.

Finally, the boys got colds about a week ago, and Mary has had a touch of it as well.  Hers has been much less severe than theirs, but she looked a little miserable with a runny nose the other day:
She was just one of the cutest sick people I'd ever seen :).