Friday, August 24, 2012

First Dentist Visit, 29 Weeks, and More!

Today is the 29 week mark, so we are officially a week into the third trimester.  People keep saying I must be ready for the end, but I'm really not.  Besides some sore hips, I really enjoy being pregnant.  Also, I'm a little bit nervous about what life will be like with 2 little ones.  I enjoy my quality time with Jack (plus he's a needy little guy attention-wise), he feeds himself so well, and I definitely get some great sleep at night...all that's about to change again :).  No more sleeping in until 9:15 am like he did today...  

I had my gestational diabetes test about 2 weeks ago and passed.  My iron levels were good, which I would expect since I've been eating so much red meat lately.  It's been one of the meals I crave the most.  This Wednesday I go in for another Ultrasound to see if my placenta previa has fixed itself.  I'm excited to get to see the baby so far into the pregnancy and get more pictures.

As for the latest happenings in the life of Jack, he had his first dentist appointment on July 31st, 2012.  This is the only picture I got, because once the dentist came out and put on his face mask Jack started screaming.  I had to hold him laying down on my lap while the dentist looked down on him.  He has all of his teeth except for his second molars, which generally come in around 2 1/2 to 3 years old on average.  They also put some fluoride on his teeth, and we were out the door in about 5 minutes.  

After the dentist, he played in the sand outside the office to decompress.  He looks like he's a little tense in this photo, but I love his Elmo sticker.

Last week Jack was sick with a fever between 102 and 104 for 2-3 days, but that was really the only symptom.  He pretty much just lounged around, and we had one night where he woke up crying 3 times.  When we would go in, we would give him some Tylenol, snuggle him for a second, and he would point at his bed again.  We asked if he wanted to go to bed, and he would say "o-tay" and go back to sleep.  So sweet!

He has to have his doggy, dinosaur, and armadillo with him when he wakes up in the morning and after naps
We spend a lot of time at all the parks in the area either on play dates or on our own.  We took breakfast with us one morning, so we could enjoy the outdoors before it got too hot.
Eating paleo banana bread and mixed berries
He loves playing with the older kids when we go places.  These two girls were so sweet to him.  Jack walked over to the girl with the blonde hair, grabbed her hand, and walked her over to some flowers.  She just followed him around and down the slides asking me questions about him and what he could do.  The other little girl in this picture helped him fill containers up with sand.  Good future moms :).

Jack loves all of the slides, and he particularly likes to be chased down the slides.  I do my best to honor his request and follow him down the slides most of the time.  I had to take a break from slides one day after I went down a twisty one and got the worst sharp pain in my side for about 30 minutes :)

It's been unseasonably hot here this August.  I know most people would say what we experience is not hot at 91 deg, but it's hotter than I want to handle in the intense sun.  A few weekends ago we went to the Irvine Regional Park and petting zoo, and we let Jack have a snow cone.  He REALLY enjoyed it...he actually sat in one place for about 30 minutes or more eating it.

Last weekend we got Jack a t-ball set.  We took it to the park once, but it was so hot out this particular day that we decided it would be more fun to play inside.

We also got this cute little table from Ikea for his play area.  I've wanted to have a place for him to build blocks, do puzzles, color, eat snacks, etc.  This is part of my plan to make our house as fun and organized as possible for the arrival of the baby when we spend more time at home, at least initially.

My friend Heather and I have been trading off babysitting for each other for appointments and such, so her son, Cole, was over here this past week.  I just love this picture of the two of them playing with water on our patio.  It's amazing how toddlers' attention can be held for so long with a bucket of water and some cups.

These last two pictures were just cute.  Jonathan showed Jack how to put black olives on his fingers for fun and eat them.  I gave Jack some black olives for lunch the other day, and he put them on his fingers himself to eat them.

And garbage day at our house is always exciting.  The trucks go around the corner out of sight for a few minutes before coming back, but Jack can still hear them.  He always makes this cute gesture and says, "Where is it?" in his sweet little voice.

I tried to come up with a list of all the words Jack says now, and I think he's somewhere in the 38-40 word range.  They pop up out of no where recently, and it's kind of surprising sometimes.  The other day he and I were out so I could get a salad.  I was carrying him, and he pointed behind me and said "piggy."  I was like what is he talking about, and I turned around to see the "Boar's Head" meat sticker on the window of the store.  So, there actually was a piggy head behind us haha.  He's also been linking words together into some simple phrases like "where is it?,"  "there it is!," "it's me!" when he sees his picture, etc.

And the survey for fun:

How far along: 29 weeks
Sleep: Fatigue is starting to set in, and I fall asleep pretty easily.  I usually wake up a few times throughout the night to switch positions, but I fall back asleep quickly.
Best Moment this Week:  We can feel the baby's body pretty well.  It's still hard to tell exactly what you're touching.  Also, Jack doesn't understand there's a baby in there, so he just walks up to me pointing at my stomach saying, "ball!"
Movement:  It's more jabs and pokes than larger movements.  I guess it's getting tight in there.
Cravings:  It's different every day.  One day this week I wanted Ranch dressing really badly.  I crave red meat a lot, so we've been eating a lot of steak and ground beef meals.  If I could eat marinated steak and chocolate shakes every day, I most definitely would!
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: None
What I Miss:  Nothing really...just taking long walks since I'm still not supposed to.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Getting things organized, baby clothes washed, newborn stuff set up...the nesting instinct in me :)
Weekly Wisdom: Can't really think of anything...