Saturday, August 30, 2014

Home Stretch of Pregnancy and A lot Happening

Today I am 36 weeks, 5 days pregnant, and I seriously cannot believe how close we are coming to meeting her.  People keep asking me how much longer, and I barely believe the words that are coming out of my mouth when I say about 3 weeks.  Last weekend I went to Labor and Delivery, because I had been itching on my hands and feet so badly for about 3-4 days that I was only sleeping around 3-4 hours a night.  I had Cholestasis with Jackson at the very, very end so I was pretty sure I had it again.  In the hospital they drew blood, did some fetal monitoring, checked fluid levels, and prescribed me the appropriate medication with the assumption that the blood work would come back positive.  On Tuesday the blood work confirmed the Cholestasis, so I will continue with the medication, I have fetal non-stress tests and amniotic fluid checks twice per week, and the baby will be delivered no later than 39 weeks…possibly 38 weeks.  So, that date is creeping up very quickly!  Instead of explaining what it is, if anyone's curious just google Intrahepatic Cholestasis.

Sorry for the bathroom picture, but I went in to wash the hospital off my hands after my appointment and found a full-length mirror :).  This is 36 weeks, 4 days:
How far along: 36 weeks, 5 days
Sleep: Overall, I've been sleeping really well.  I had a week of TERRIBLE sleep because of the extremely itchy hands and feet.  Now that the medication is helping dull the itch, I have been sleeping well.  I haven't really been particularly uncomfortable or sore trying to sleep this pregnancy.
Movement:  She continues to be extremely busy.  At this point it is mostly jabs and watching my stomach sway getting bigger on one side as she switches sides.
Cravings: In the past few days I've been craving chocolate pudding with smashed up graham crackers and whip cream…I indulged that craving finally yesterday :).  I also just want water all the time, so I've been buying a lot of La Croix since I love mineral water.
Gender:  Girl…we finally have a name picked out, but we will announce it when she is born!
Labor Signs: Not much going on.
What I miss:  Sleeping on my stomach, deli meat, and general agility.
What I'm looking forward to: I'm still in a little bit of denial that we're actually having a baby so soon.  I'm looking forward to getting the hospital bag packed up and having everything ready for her so that it feels more real :).

I truly enjoy being pregnant, because it is just really amazing to feel the baby move and know that you are growing a tiny person inside of you.  It has been especially fun sharing this pregnancy with Jackson now that he's a bit older and has a little bit better understanding of what is going on.  Jackson will ask if he can hug her, and he will hug and kiss my stomach.  Owen will also join in when he sees Jackson doing it.  When we got the car seat in the mail the other day I told Jackson it was for the baby and he said, "When you stomach empty, the baby be here."  He also tries to figure out how she'll get out of my stomach, and he's decided that it must be through my belly button…haha.  Owen obviously does not have as great an understanding, but now that we talk about the baby all the time he always points out babies when we're out and in pictures saying "babe."  I'm just trying to put my focus on all the positives and our blessings instead of focusing on how uncomfortable the Cholestasis can be knowing that we are so close to her birthday.

In addition to our soon to be new addition to the family, we are moving to Tulsa, OK!  Jonathan was offered a position with his company in Claremore, OK just outside of Tulsa, and we decided it would be a great move for our family.  It is all happening very quickly, and we are just trying to roll with it even with it's timing around the baby.  Jonathan will be moving down to Tulsa this Monday to start work there, and he will come back here for the baby to be born.  I am definitely not thankful for a health issue that requires induction, but one positive is that it helps us plan his trip home so he doesn't miss the birth (unless I went into labor early of course).  Jonathan and I went down to Tulsa a couple of weekends ago and found a house that we expect to close on around the last week of September or first week of October.  Ann, my mother-in-law, will be here next week to help me with the boys and in case of surprise labor while Jonathan is gone.  Once the baby is born, I will move down with the boys about two weeks or so after the birth.  It's all a bit crazy and stressful at times, but we are really excited for what Tulsa will offer our family.

Needless to say, we do not have a nursery set up, and any form of nesting like meal prep can't really happen.  However, the newborn days are definitely when the baby is her most flexible to our transitional living situation.  It'll be fun to set up rooms for Jackson, Owen, and new baby in our new house.  Jackson and Owen were going to have to share a room, but now they get to have their own space!  I'm definitely not opposed to room sharing, but they have very, very different sleep habits, so it will be good for them.

I'll try to do one more update before she's born, but the next post may hold an introduction and birth story…exciting!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Photo Dump of Brother Fun

I wanted to do a bit of a photo dump of my phone to catch-up as we near the end of this pregnancy.  We have a lot going on lately, which I'll get to in my next post, but day-to-day life is pretty relaxed.  It has been so fun watching Jack and Owen together as Owen gets a little bit older and is able to participate in activities with Jack.  Jack is a hat lover, and Owen gets into it occasionally too in order to be more like his big brother. 
The times that the boys have had suckers or icees, they love showing off their colored tongues.  Owen always cracks me up, because he's such a ham.
 Both boys love being helpers.  They were so cute with their rags and spraying the car.
Jack and Owen also find cleaning to be a form of entertainment, and our kids cleaning the house is definitely what I signed up for when we decided to have them…jk :).  Jack did a great job gently loading the dishwasher.  
They are also amazing dusters.  They are a huge help getting into the lower shelves so that I don't have to bend over as much!
As always, they love the outdoors.  They both love the park and could basically live there.
Jonathan took them on a hike at the trail near our house.  They both brought their bounce sticks with them for whatever reason makes sense to them :).  I could just squeeze them in their cute little hiking boots!
We've also made some evening pool trips when Jonathan gets home from work.  After the pool, they both love standing in the heated shower for a while before heading home.
They've had two recent bounce house trips.  Owen always says, "bounce! bounce!" and Jack talks about the trip for days afterwards.
These pictures are from a birthday party at a bounce house.  It was so cute seeing them sit together and eat at the table.  They both loved the cake pops!
We've also had a good trip or two to the Santa Ana Zoo.  Jack and Owen love the spinning bird's nest on the carousel, but Owen gets pretty dizzy.  We have the funniest video of him with his head tipping side to side all dizzy.
Other than the trips out, we spend time at home just relaxing and watching a lot of Curious George.  They're both super snuggly.
Now I can move on to current developments and the newest addition to our family coming soon...