Wednesday, August 21, 2013

9-Month Update and Some Catch-Up

Owen turned 9-months old yesterday, and he had his 9-month wellness visit today.  I couldn't choose the cutest picture yet again, so here is his 9-month photo collage:
Here he is at his doctor visit today:
The 9-months stats:
Weight- 17 lbs., 14 oz. (25th percentile)
Height- 28 inches (50th percentile)
Head Circumference- 45 cm/17.7 inches (50th percentile)

So, his body type is now like his older brother's measurements...long and lean :).

Owen is really on the move this past month.  He moves from room to room, he climbs up to the train table, he climbs under the island in the kitchen and the coffee table, and he tries to go outside on the porch to play with Jack.  He's very busy!
He's still only commando crawling.  He'll get up on his hands and knees like the picture above with the ball and lunge forward with one knee, but then he decides the commando crawl is just quicker I guess.  Jack was the exact same way, so I guess it's just their preferred mode of movement.  I like to give him the chance to try things out, within safe limits of course, so the picture below is one of his first attempts trying to come off the landing.  He struggled there for about 15 seconds and managed to get down.  He's a champ at it now, so practice makes perfect. 
This month he learned how to go from his stomach into a seated position on his own.  He started off using furniture, the landing, and toys to get up.  He also goes from the seated position back down to his stomach so he can move around the house.
Owen also learned how to pull-up into a standing position on 8/11/13.  He's very excited about it!
We practiced in the crib to start off with, and he started off making it this far:
The thing that finally helped him perfect his ability to pull-up was his obsession with the train table.  He is like a baby Godzilla with it, but he could seriously stand next to it  He just bangs the pieces on the table, destroys the set up, and eats all the pieces, but he loves it.
Now he just pulls up to play and leans against it for support.  He lets go with both hands to play with the tracks.
Just yesterday morning he started pulling up onto the toy storage unit and trying to scoot along grabbing what is on top of the shelf.
Owen is a lover of food!!  He'll eat just about anything, but his favorite foods are pear, cantaloupe, blueberries, plum, watermelon, avocado, green beans, and carrots and sweet potatoes cooked in bone broth.  He also likes chicken, egg yolk scramble with cheddar cheese, and salmon!  He fully feeds himself, so if I want him to eat yogurt or something like that I just dip little finger foods in the yogurt.  You can maybe get one spoonful of something in his mouth before he just knocks it away and won't open his mouth anymore.
We've been doing the signs for 'more' and 'all done' so he can communicate with us.  Just this week we realized he knows it.  Jonathan had an ice cream cone and gave him a taste this past Saturday, and Owen kept giving the sign for 'more' and grunting until Jonathan gave him another taste.  Ice cream really brings out the best in everyone :).

The only other major milestone I can think of is he started to do a wave hello on 8/7/13, but it's not really consistent.  

I wanted to include these two cute pictures of him in his pajamas.  Don't let this cute face fool you that he is an amazing, sweet sleeper.  He is still waking up at least once per night, but usually twice.  We had a four day streak where he was going to sleep at about 7:30 or 7:45pm, waking up at about 4am, and then waking for the day around 8:15am.  The past few days he has been back to twice a night, around 1:30 or 2am and again at around 5am.  I will say, though, he sleeps about 12 to 13 hours total.  
I think the longest stretch of sleep I've personally gotten since he's been born, since we obviously don't go to bed at 7:30pm, is about 5 hours at best...sigh.  

Anyway, we have been having a fun summer with beautiful weather.  This summer has been much more temperate than last summer's unusually hot days.  Owen loves swinging:
And Jack loves climbing:
Jack has been in love with sand for the past couple of weeks and digging for 'treasure.'  I mentioned above that Owen will eat anything, and that includes sand.  I spend a good deal of our time knocking sand out of his hand as he tries to throw it at his mouth before I can get to him.  His few times successfully getting it into his mouth have not deterred him.
It's fun seeing Jack and Owen play next to each other and thinking about how it's not too far in the future that they actually play together.
Before Owen started eating solids I didn't really make Jack sit at the table for lunch, but now that Owen eats at the same time it has been really nice to spend lunch with both of them.  We turn on Pandora, dance a little bit in our seats, and eat lunch.  For some reason simple lunches together remind me how lucky I am that I get to stay home with both of them.
After lunch I now have two helpers in the kitchen while I clean up.
There are two things that happened this month that I want to get into the blog for memory sake.  Last month was my birthday, and Jack gets really excited about birthdays and birthday parties now.  He is still telling me happy birthday almost a month later :).  We did a little family birthday party at home, mostly for Jack.  Jack and Jonathan got balloons, beaded necklaces (Jack's choice), party hats, and candles from Party City.  4 of the 6 balloons popped on a palm tree on the way out of the store, but 2 made it home haha.  Jonathan also got me red velvet cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place here.  I would definitely say my 29th birthday was the best I've had so far celebrating with my boys.
The other thing to mention is Jack's most recent dentist appointment.  We tried to watch a Peppa Pig cartoon about going to the dentist, but alas, he's still petrified.  Here he is before the major meltdown when the dentist came in.  
Owen started screaming because Jack was screaming.  He was probably like 'what terrible thing is happening here!'  haha.  The dentist said it's a 50/50 chance if kids let him do a cleaning at this age.  He said the majority of kids like the dentist by 4-years old.  The dentist just looked at his teeth and did a fluoride treatment.  Maybe a cleaning next time.