Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Term...Unbelievable!

I'm a little behind on posting, but I'm trying to get back on track! As of today, I am 37 weeks, 5 days along...crazy! So much has happened in the past couple of weeks as we prepare for the baby. Two weeks ago I had a baby shower hosted by my sisters-in-law, the other Sarah Nichols and Amy, with the help of my sister-in-law Jayne and mother-in-law who flew out to Colorado from South Carolina just for the shower. The decorations were great and the food was amazing! I'll try to get some pictures together of that this week to post. I had such a great time with everyone that was able to come to the shower and am so thankful that they came to celebrate such an exciting time for us! I have been amazed how many people are thinking of us and supporting us through this wonderful time. We even received a gift from one of my dad's co-workers that I have never met, and all of the people at my mom's work ask her daily if we have had the baby yet!

A week ago I had my first nesting spurt and washed all of the newborn to 3 month clothes, all bedding, blankets, bibs, toys, etc. trying to make some progress in the nursery. I don't think it was a full blown bout of nesting like they talk about, because usually that comes along with an increase in energy by a usually tired pregnant woman. I was still incredibly worn out, but my desire to clean and organize was driven more by panic that I hadn't done anything yet. Whatever my drive, I still got a lot done and felt very accomplished at the end of the weekend. I was also able to finish our wedding album that same weekend. Since finding out I was pregnant, my big goal for myself was to finish our wedding album since I knew that once the baby was born it would probably never happen. I can now proudly say a year and a half into marriage that we have a wedding album! Right now it's sitting in a computer software program waiting to be ordered, but when I have the urge to order it I can :).

My last goal for myself before having the baby is to make our apartment look like a girl lives in it. We have always used Jonathan's furniture, wall art, etc. from his single days, which makes our apartment always look a little bit more like a bachelor pad. I never really minded since he has really nice furniture. Decorating is really not my thing or my first priority in life, but I really want to make our place look a little more homey before bringing home baby. Yesterday we were at Target and I made my first step in decorating by purchasing decorative pillows for the couch...not anything major but progress in the right direction. Assuming the baby stays put through next weekend, I am planning to do a picture collage on the wall either behind our couch or over the fireplace to personalize our place.

So now that we're caught up on the happenings of the past two weeks, I am very excited to say that we are almost done with the nursery. If he came today, we're ready for him! Yesterday we bought 99% blackout curtains for the nursery and hung them (well, Jonathan hung them while I supported him from a comfortable chair). Everything we need for immediate use has been washed, and we are about 75% done decorating. We ordered a humidifier last night, and all we need is a table top fan. There are a bunch of boxes with our pack n play, high chair, stroller, play mat, etc. in the corner of the room that we still need to move out, but that will be out of there in the next few days. So, here is a picture of our nearly completed masterpiece :) :

To finish everything off, I am framing a verse that I had done in vinyl art and placing it on the top shelf of the built in shelving unit in the corner of the room. We also ordered about 200 vinyl art blue and orange fish that we are going to design and put on the walls. As you can see we have gone withe a blue, green, and orange color scheme. I love blue and obviously we are having a boy, but too much blue would make me go a little nutty. Oh, I almost forgot...our cloth diaper service is delivering the first load of diapers this Friday so we can be ready for his cute little booty. We are also having our last prenatal meeting with our doula on Wednesday to talk about the birth plan for the big day.

Survey Update~
How far along: 37 weeks, 5 days
Maternity clothes: Always and bracing for the fact that I'll still need them for a little while even after the baby is born :)
Sleep: Not so great. I definitely have my good nights and my bad nights, but I have gotten really uncomfortable. I wake up almost every hour or every other hour to flip sides.
Best moment this week: I would say getting the curtains up in the nursery and the continued joy of being able to feel things like his feet through my stomach
Movement: He's definitely fallen into more of a noticeable pattern of sleep/wake cycles. When he's active his a bit of a killer on the internal organs. I've grimaced and hunched over in public a few times.
Cravings: My appetite has started to decrease a little bit. I've been craving grilled cheese a lot and cheese quesadillas.
Gender: Still a boy...unless it's a shocker at the end!
Labor Signs: He definitely feels like he's dropping causing trip after trip to the bathroom. I've been having more frequent and uncomfortable Braxton Hicks Contractions, but nothing regular or increasing in intensity yet.
Belly Button: I think I'm going to win the bet Jonathan and I have going, because it's staying put in there. It's definitely pushed out quite a bit compared to how it used to be, but it's not an outtie!
What I miss: Agility. My dream now is to run through an open field and maneuver through obstacles with ease. Instead, it takes about 5 minutes to get into Jonathan's Xterra and get out of bed. Jonathan calls it pregnancy speed.
What I'm looking forward to: I Cannot Wait to meet our little baby and see what he looks like!!! I want to snuggle him so bad and shower him with kisses.
Weekly Wisdom: People are so nice to you when you're pregnant, but they are super nice when you tell them you are due so soon.
Milestones: Reaching term and getting everything we need to make it through the first month of parenthood (I think)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twin Day at Work

I don't know if I've mentioned this in past blogs, but one of my coworkers, Lindsay, is pregnant as well. Her due date is 8 days after mine, so it's anybody's guess who will go into labor first. When Lindsay and I found out we were pregnant, our offices were right across from each other, but now we work out of different precincts. Anyway, both of us have gotten quite a few items from Gap Maternity along the way. We have been really lucky about not showing up for work in the same outfit for the past 8 months, but today was the day we thought may happen eventually...twin day! I had that uh-oh moment when I walked in and saw her, but I have to say I laughed pretty hard when I saw this picture. People already comment on how funny we look walking next to each other and how they don't want to drink the same water as us, but we have really gotten a few looks today :). This picture marks 35 weeks, 1 day for me and 34 weeks for Lindsay. It's been really fun having someone you see most every day as your pregnant buddy.

As for nursery updates, in Jonathan's post a few days ago he put up a picture of a weiner dog lamp that we purchased, and it came in the mail today! I wasn't expecting it to be quite as big as it is, but it's actually a little bit bigger than Izzy...haha.

I'm so excited to be having a baby shower this Saturday, and I can't wait to get together with everybody!! Things are progressing along as we get all of the necessities together and get ourselves prepared around the apartment. We officially put our first meal in the freezer a few days ago and are planning to do a few more so that we can have good homecooked meals even when we're too tired to cook.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

No turning back now

Hello Nichols Blog followers. I thought it might be fun for me to step in for a post and update everyone via my(Jonathan)perspective. Well, time marches on and unbelievably we are 5 weeks (38 days) away from having our baby. Sarah has been doing well. She looks very tired everyday and the wonderment of watching the baby grow has given way to ‘ok, time to come out now.’ Despite what Sarah tells me, I think she looks beautiful and I can confirm that the motherly glow is not a myth. We have been given or purchased almost all of the necessary big baby items and started a nice collection of clothes. We are still working on completing his tiny little wardrobe with the correct balance of size and seasons. I never really thought I would be this way, but I find myself showing Sarah baby clothes and saying “this is so cute.”

In the never ending quest for healthy and simple living, Sarah and I have chosen to go with cloth diapers for our munchkin. We have selected a service that delivers fresh diapers and picks up/launders the dirties. Part of our hesitation with committing to cloth diapers was having to scrape off poop and then wash the diapers in our washing machine, granted I have done and seen some pretty disgusting things in the military, but the idea of baby feces and my favorite t-shirt swirling around together in luke-warm water…ehhh, not so much. For those of you that are wishing to get our baby a gift, in addition to Babies-R-Us, we are registered at Eco-Baby . If you would like, you can gift us diapers or diaper service. As far as non diaper related gifts, the Babies-R-Us registry is comprised mainly of blankets, sheets, some clothes and various other smaller items.

In regards to more personal details, Sarah has decided to deliver at University of Colorado Hospital Center for Midwifery. The center is comprised of 4 women midwives that personalize the birthing experience and holistically approach the birth and mother pre and post delivery. Sarah has gone from looking nervous at doctor appointments to relaxed and comfortable. She really seems to connect with the midwives beyond the ‘clinical usual business’ at a regular hospital. On a more fatherly note, the center also has a superb collection of models and interactive figures, Sarah told me to not touch them, but tell me you wouldn’t want to play with a placental birthing model or a snap together baby?

The baby-cave, or “nursery” as Sarah calls it, has been coming along nicely with the addition of our uber hip Monte rocking chair. In an incredible testament to Craigslist, we have been able to purchase wealthy people nursery items at normal people prices. Another fun nursery item is the wiener dog lamp that Sarah and I found on the internet, and in honor of our dogtur (Izzy), I will also attempt to make a dachshund mobile for junior.

I know some of you have asked what we are going to name him (baby), and to that I say “make your own kid”….jk. We have pretty much decided on a name and will announce it to our friends and family the day or night he is born, so just hold your horses. Besides, sometimes I would imagine that the name picked might just not fit on d-day.

With the reality of this little person joining us so soon, I have become a bit nervous with what to expect, but if this is like any other time in my life, the fear just makes you sharper for what you have to do. Thanks everybody for the support and we look forward to introducing mini-me, err....our baby.

Regards, Jonathan and Sarah

How far along: ~35 weeks
Maternity clothes: Always
Sleep: I've been sleeping like a baby, except when the pregers next to me rips off the covers
Movement: He is a busy little beaver, I have felt his foot through her belly...neat.
Cravings: The uuuuse.
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Sarah looks pretty uncomfortable
Button in our out? Half and half
What I miss: Sarah staying awake past 8pm
What am I looking forward to? His wrinkly little face and leaving the hosptial
Weekly Wisdom: Don't talk to her about anything body realated, anything.
Milestones: Diaper choice