Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mary's 18-Month Update

Mary turned 18-months on March 5th.  We had her wellness visit a few days later.  Her stats are:

Appointment Date: 3/9/16

Weight- 25 lbs. (60th %)
Height- 31.4 inches (42nd %)
Head Circ.- 48.1 cm (87th %)

I was pretty happy about her weight, because back at her 9 month appointment she had lost weight from the prior appointment and was in the 3rd percentile.  She has come a long way slowly working her way up the curve into a range similar to her brothers at the same age.
Mary is definitively our pickiest eater.  She won't even try most things including the majority of fruits and vegetables.  It would be one thing if she would try it and didn't like it, but she won't even put it in her mouth.  I'm so thankful for Happy Tot fruit and veggie packs, because they have been a lifesaver, along with smoothies, to make sure she gets what she needs.  She DOES like any form of carbs (all potatoes, bread, puffs, Pirates Booty) and most forms of dairy (yogurt and cheese primarily).  Jonathan gave her a chunk of milk chocolate last night, and the look in her eyes was like her life had been changed forever!  I really can't blame her for the foods she loves as they are the foods that I love the most, but who doesn't like fresh fruit??!!  She does like guacamole and olives, so that helps with getting some healthy fats in.

She's still the best sleeper of all 3 kids, so I guess she has to be difficult in another way just to make things exciting :).


  1. Have you tried giving her a fork when you try giving her fruits and vegetables? We thought Summit was picky but all it was, he just wanted to feed himself! He's SO independent. Just a thought.

    1. I'll have to try that! She usually just uses her hands, so maybe something new would make it exciting :).