Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Cute Mary Photo Dump

Mary hasn't been featured in many of the recent blogs, so I thought I would include a few collages of her in all her cuteness.  I don't know if I mentioned her recent walking milestone in a previous blog, so now's a great time!  Mary took her first 2 steps on October 18th, and then another 3 steps on the 21st.  On October 23rd she took 12 steps from the middle of the living room to the couch.  A day or two after that she was officially walking as her primary mode of transportation.  Now she just kind of wanders around the house following everyone around and grabbing toys.

This is not related to Mary, but I just have to share it.  It's kind of an unofficial milestone in a way.  Jack decided that he wanted to put up a sign on his door to tell Owen and Mary not to come into his room.  It says "Do not come in my room or bed   -Jackson."  I guess 5 years old is when you become territorial against your siblings :).
Now I'm caught up for Christmas preparation and the holiday!

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