Friday, January 8, 2016

Mary's 15-Month Update

Mary turned 15-months on December 5th, and she had her wellness visit a few days later.  Here she is waiting to be seen by the doctor.
Mary's 15-month stats (12/8/15):
Weight- 21 lbs. (22nd percentile)
Height- 30.25 inches (44th percentile)
Head- 18.4 inches (76th percentile)

I had her at around 22.5 lbs on our scale two weeks earlier, but she had been having some tummy troubles for about a week before this appointment and was not eating very much.  I think she may have lost a little bit of weight right before this appointment.

One of the developmental questions the doctor asked was whether or not she could scribble.  I told the doctor that I didn't know, because I was usually trying to keep writing utensils away from her for the sake of our walls :).  That night we gave Mary a crayon to see if she could.  She had a lot of fun with the crayon, and she only tried to eat it a couple of times.
Here's a few pictures of Mary from her 15th month.
She's either giggling and running around the house being mischievous, or she's walking behind me crying and demanding snacks.
Her current favorite activities include emptying out our kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers as well as unplugging things that she can get her hands on.

The only major developmental milestone recently is that she transitioned from two naps per day to one nap per day.  She had been fighting her second nap for a few weeks before Christmas, but I was trying to hang on to it for my own selfish reasons :).  While the boys were on school break I decided to transition her down to one nap so I could play around with what time worked best to start the nap and then go to bed at night.  It's hard to have her down early enough that she gets enough time to nap before school pick-ups, but it's too late to put her down after we get back from school pick-ups.  She usually takes a nap from around noon until 2 or 2:30.

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