Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas 2015

We had a great Christmas and a lot of fun having Jonathan home for 13 days.  Both boys did a lot of fun things at school to celebrate as well.  The boys each brought home some adorable ornaments that they made at school.
Jack's class had a Christmas party where each parent contributed a snack.  Owen was excited to sit at a table with Jackson.
Similar to Elf on a Shelf, we found a gnome at our local garden store that we named Norman the Naughty Gnome.  We only did it for about 7 days, but it was a fun activity to do with the boys.  Here are pictures two of the things Norman did.  He TP'd our Christmas tree, read stories to the stuffed animals, dumped popcorn kernels on Jack's bedroom floor, shaved with Jonathan's shaving cream and put some on the mirror, took a bite out of our Christmas cookies, and a few other things.
We also did our second annual gingerbread house decorating on FaceTime with my mom.  I bought a little gingerbread village so both boys would have their own houses to do.  Last year Owen didn't get into it very much, but he had a great time decorating this year.
Auntie Amy made our whole family Christmas hats, and they were adorable!  The kids got a big kick out of them, and Owen even wore his out to lunch one day.  Auntie Amy also got the kids and me Christmas pjs.  Here are the kids in their Christmas gear on Christmas Eve.  After the kids went to bed on Christmas Even Jonathan and I wrapped their gifts, put them under the tree, put Santa footprints from the fireplace to the cookies, and I took one for the team and ate the cookies as "Santa."
Jonathan set up a tripod for our camera and got a family picture on Christmas Eve night.
Here are the kids playing with some of their gifts on Christmas morning.
Both boys got a new winter hat and sunglasses as gifts.  Here they are wearing them minus Owen's hat.
Both boys got slippers, and Jack got a robe since he is a man of leisure.  He loves anything snuggly.  Owen got his own real power tool since he really loves tools and helping Jonathan with projects.  He's gotten a chance to use it helping Jonathan build a birdhouse that's now hanging in our backyard.
We took the kids ice skating in downtown Tulsa.  I hung out with Mary on the sidelines while Jonathan  put his lower back to work helping the boys.  They both loved it, but it was kind of a short-lived activity just due to their ages.
Here are a few sibling photos from over the break.  Jack and Owen were riding a tricycle at the garden center, the kids playing together, and Jackson blow drying and brushing Owen's hair.
Jonathan wrapped Mary up in some Christmas lights when we were taking down Christmas decorations.  She thought it was so funny.
One thing we did that I didn't get a picture of was going to see a large Christmas lights display at a local church.  It was a little crowded and a long wait to get into it, but the boys loved it.

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